5 Reasons Brand Consistency will increase your profit

A lot of startups and growing businesses are either overwhelmed at the thought of spending money on their branding or avoid their business branding altogether. Starting a business can be mind-boggling but if you hold off for too long your branding will appear inconsistent and it can have a damaging effect on your business.

Some designers will have a ‘start up package’, offering a brand consultation, a logo and other simple branding material at lower rate than a full brand package. This is generally for people at the very, very early stages of starting up with a low budget. But further down the line when your business is starting to take shape and you have a definite target market, your branding deserves a lot of attention. As your audience grows, more people will be looking at your business, you only have a few seconds to catch their eye. As you have heard on countless occasions, your branding is not only your logo but everything from the colours on your website to your business values. 

Using completely different imagery, countless colours, different logos/tag lines and fonts etc comes across very confusing and doesn’t send a direct, confident message to your audience. Sometimes it can even discourage people from using you and your services and that’s the last thing a start up needs. 

1. You will stand out from your competition.

Do you notice a lot of competition in your sector but believe you offer something a little different? Do you have amazing customer service? Do you engage constantly with your audience? Or are you just generally AMAZING at what you do? This needs to shine through in your branding, if you offer something your competitors don’t how will your target audience know? Tell them! Consistent branding will continuously remind your market of why they should choose you.

2. Your target market will instantly feel engaged.

When I begin to work with new clients on their branding the very first thing I ask about is their target market. Sometimes they are unsure of what this means or how specific they should be, I help them figure this out and use this information throughout the design process. If your audience is generally 45-60 year old females, your branding should engage and appeal to that audience by making them feel understood. If your branding is designed for a younger audience it will not resinate with your specific target audience and reveal that you have no idea about your markets needs or wants. Great branding gives your business a personality and identity that people can relate to.

3. You will feel confident advertising your business. 

If your brand looks great you will feel great sharing it. It’s that simple. Whether it be in social media or handing over your business card at a networking event, having consistent and attractive branding will give you a confidence boost and allow people to fully understand what your business has to offer.

4. It can create a level of trust.

Great branding connects with your target market and shows you have really invested time and money into researching your audience and have focused on your business ethos. This direct communication speaks volumes to your customers and reassures them that you take what you do seriously. This connection can create an element of trust, even before you connect with them personally.

5. It looks really good.

To put it simply, compelling visuals sell. Having a consistent message and visuals throughout all your media looks professional, appeals to any market and is more likely to turn an observer into a customer.

Some tips to keep your branding consistent:

  • Create a 'brand book', explaining your business ethos, target market, colours, typeface etc.. this is useful if someone new joins your team or you are working with a new graphic designer. This means they are aware of everything from the offset and everything is in the one place.

  • Have a folder with all your different logo types (colour, black and white etc), the typeface you use and anything else you use consistently. 

  • I cannot express enough how important your target market is, get clear on this and really think about your ideal client. Whenever you post on social media or advertise your business, is it speaking directly to your audience?

  • I ask my clients to describe their business personality in three words, for example it could be: fun, confident and sassy or traditional, professional and stylish. When you are sharing a post or fixing your website, continuously ask yourself - is this on brand? and revert back to your three words. If you come across as corporate and classic in one post but then funny and cheeky in another it can be confusing. Consistency is king!

Gemma O'HaganComment